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Kelp Root Extract

Kelp Root Extract is a combination of Kombu Kelp Root Powder with Mekabu Fuccoidan, a poly-saccharide extract of Kombu added for nutritional support. Popularly called the 'King of Sea Vegetables', Kombu from FINE Kelp Root Extract is grown and harvested on the oceans bottoms off Northern Japan.

Natto Kinase 

FINE Natto Kinase is derived from the extracts of fermented soybeans called 'natto,’ with additional critical ingredients including fermented black onion, onion skin, and garlic extracts.
Natto is an enzyme-rich fermented soy food traditionally consumed for centuries in Japan

Hyaluron & Collagen


Hyaluron & Collagen is a complete skin formula designed to reverse aging skin (drying, scaling, wrinkling, sagging, blotting) by rebuilding youthful, firm, beautiful skin.

Green Smoothie 

Green Smoothie, a Japan's leading nutritional weight loss drink. A diet smoothie that works - and tastes great! Low calorie - 70 calories per serving with no artificial sweetener. The micro-nutrients to stop cravings with an amazing 219 Fruits and vegetables.

Coix Seed Powder

Pearl Coix is a large grain member of the grass family and popular in Asian cultures as a health support for skin, hair nails, stomach and joints.

Each individual product is made with care

Our manufacturing department produces nutritional products under strict quality control standards. These standards are applied every step along the way, from the beginning raw materials to the end product. In addition, our products are passed under the ISO9001 (global quality standard), Organic JAS, and GMP certifications, insuring worldwide recognition of excellent quality control. It is our pleasure to provide safe high-quality products for the satisfaction of our customers.

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